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Banbū Renewable Bamboo Leather

Related Post: Spider Silk / Mylo Leather / MIRUM® High Performance Plant Leather  Created from bamboo, the world’s most renewable material, Banbū Leather is a next generation leather alternative that’s 83% plant-based, biodegradable in a

Upcycled Meltingpot Table

Related Post: Wood Embedded in Resin / Transparency with Ombre Effect / Holographic Finish This firm was established in 2009 by Dirk van der Kooij in the Eindhoven Design Academy basement. His central hypothesis seemed

From Waste To Wanderlust

Related Post: Recycled Plastic by Ecobirdy / Adidas and Parley for the Oceans / Recycled Material by Pentatonic The Everest region faces a daily waste crisis during trekking season, with over 1 ton of waste

Valentino X Studio Marianne Guély

Related Post: NewspaperWood / Paper Folding Art / Woven Details Marianne Guély collaborated with maison Valentino to create paper sculptures inspired by haute couture, displayed in boutiques across major cities. These sculptures, influenced by high

3D Knit Modulo Aircraft Seat 

Related Post:  3D Woolen Felt / Deconstructed Felt By Patcraft Caon Design Office and Woolmark focus on designing aircraft seats with Modulo. Modulo’s framework is made of titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber, which

Melwear By Maca Barrera

Similar Posts: Textile in Product Design / Gradient Textiles / Soft Tactile Audio Technologies Harnessing microbial power, this project develops a natural sunscreen derived from bacterial melanin to shield against harmful UV radiation. With the

Smart Optical Fiber Textiles 

Similar Posts: Textile in Product Design / Gradient Textiles / Soft Tactile Audio Technologies The subject of smart textiles and wearable technology is expanding as a result of the development of novel textile structures that

3D Printing With Wool

Related Post:  3D Woolen Felt / Deconstructed Felt By Patcraft A robot created by Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma is capable of creating three-dimensional volumes out of wool. A brand-new, independently created cobot, the

3D Printed Wood

Related Post: Wood Veneer Craftsmanship / Carved 3D Wood Quilting / Kumiko Woodwork Technique Aectual’s Wood Series debuts with a range of customizable window coverings and partition screens, launching an expanding line of 3D Printed

Hemp and Eelgrass Mat Chairs

Related Post: High Definition 3D Design / 3D Printed Titanium / Woven Details Hemp and eelgrass are the primary building materials used to make Mat chairs. The design team Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen, who collaborated with

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