08 Jun Apple Peel Skin Leather

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Apple leather is a bio-based material made using the leftover pomace and peelfrom the fruit juice and compote industry. Originating from the region of Bolzano in northern Italy, the fabric is created by first taking the recovered apple waste and reducing it to a powder. Once processed, it is sent to a factory located in Florence, where it is combined with polyurethane and coated onto a cotton and polyester canvas

Apple Peel Skin Leather

The apple leather used in our products is made using 50% apple waste mixed with 50% PU, coated onto a cotton/polyester canvas. The result is a durable but soft fabric that is perfect for hardwearing small accessories. One of the most important aspects of using the apple waste is  that it is a completely renewable resource. This reduces the CO2 impact significantly compared to faux leather made from 100% fossil fuels.

Apple Peel Skin Leather

Beautiful fashion doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. The goal is to ensure that we’re always relentless in the search for the most sustainable, revolutionary materials. SAMARA works with a small factory in Europe that creates apple leather. Apple leather is a combination of apple skins that are the by-products of the juicing industry, as well as PU, which acts as a binding agent.

Apple Peel Skin Leather

Apple Leather ™; this sustainable product is produced by extracting fibers from residues taken from industrial processing of apples. The wastes from the apple juice industry are recycled and these wastes are transformed into a new raw material.

Not only waste management costs and associated damage to the environment have been avoided, this natural waste reduces energy emission and consumption throughout the entire production chain and replaces other raw materials that are heavy on chemical resources in the product.

Apple Peel Skin Leather

AppleSkin collection is made from an innovative, apple-based leather alternative. Crafted from waste recovered from the fruit juice industry, it’s made in Italy from apples grown in Bolzano, a city in the north of the country.

Skagen’s latest collection, and each features a case and strap made from ‘pro-planet’ materials, including the vegan apple leather. It comes as part of Skagen’s practices to reduce water consumption as part of the leather tanning process.

Apple Peel Skin Leather

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