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Rye Straw Marquetry

Related Post: Straw Marquetry / Tin Inlay / Jesmonite Rye straw marquetry is a prestigious art that took off in France in the 17th century. Before reaching the hands of

Minimal Waste Grown Material

Related Post: 3D Printed Metal Space Fabric / High Definition 3D Printing / 3D Printed Aluminum Studio Lionne van Deursen focuses on material research and product design mainly experimental research, to give insight

Structural Skin

Related Post: MYLO Mushroom Leather / Leather Gradient / 3D Leather Structural Skin is a self-produced material made out of leftovers and offcuts from the leather industry. This project does

Wild Fibers

Related Post: Spider Silk / Mylo Leather / MIRUM® High Performance Plant Leather  The French artist and designer Aurelie Hoegy created sculptural seating pieces that are crafted from rattan. The

Mycelium Based Tiles

Related Post:  Sea Me – Sea Algae Yarn / Sustainable Ocean Materials / Zebra Glass Mogu explored the potential of mycelium-based technologies in diverse application sectors. Through selected

Sustainable Cork Rubber Flooring

Related Post: Adidas x Parley / Bogwood / Spider Silk Cork has little negative environmental impact. Harvesting is sustainable. A tree must be 25 years old to harvest and can

2022 Land Rover Range Rover

Related Post: High Definition 3D Design / 3D Printed Titanium / Woven Details The fifth generation of range rover recently revealed is an example of modernity and refinement. The 2022

NASA Inspired Materials

Related Post: High Definition 3D Design / 3D Printed Titanium / Woven Details Under Armour was tasked with developing the spacewear system for the world’s first commercial spaceline. But going

Textile Waste

Similar Posts: Textile in Product Design / Gradient Textiles / Soft Tactile Audio Technologies The French startup fabBrick is turning old clothes into building materials to create furniture or insulating

Modular Weave

Related Post: Wood Veneer Craftsmanship / Carved 3D Wood Quilting / Kumiko Woodwork Technique The MINTA modular structure system by Orsi Orban reinterprets weaving methods with a technological upgrade. The

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