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Beyond Leather Based On Apple Waste

Related Post: NewspaperWood / Paper Folding Art / Woven Details Every year, massive amounts of waste are generated in the juice and cider industry, which can help solve one of the clothing industry’s biggest environmental

Woven Optical Fiber Fabric

Similar Posts: Textile in Product Design / Gradient Textiles / Soft Tactile Audio Technologies Malin Bobeck Tadaa is an awarded textile artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. With her self-developed methodology of weaving LEDs, sensors, and

Upcycled Styrofoam

Related Post: Regenerated Nylon ECONYL® / Recycled Plastic by Ecobirdy / Sulapac® Biodegradable Material Refoam is a series of furniture pieces that attempts to reframe today’s inappropriate and overly complex relationship between humans and materials.

Bio-Based SeaWood

Related Post:  Sea Me – Sea Algae Yarn / Sustainable Ocean Materials / Zebra Glass SeaWood materials is a series of fiberboard made from brown seaweed and waste cellulose. SeaWood is a 100%

R.S. 2027 Vision Concept Race Car

Related Post: Peugeot Onyx Concept / Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept / Lexus LS Renault anticipates F1 racing will become more attractive, safer and more environmentally responsible. The RS 2027 Vision is made of a 3D

Made From Waste

Related Post: NewspaperWood / Paper Folding Art / Woven Details Ecological grief is a growing response to experienced and anticipated loss caused by environmental destruction or climate change. There is comfort and hope to be


Related Post: Wood Veneer Craftsmanship / Carved 3D Wood Quilting / Kumiko Woodwork Technique ForestBank™️ by Yuma Kano isn’t simply lumber, but a material design that looks to find the variety of value in entire

Biofabricated Leather

Related Post: Spider Silk / Mylo Leather / MIRUM® High Performance Plant Leather  Modern Meadow began with an R&D initiative to develop a sustainable alternative to leather. This led to breakthrough discovery of proteins as

Paper Waste Clay

Related Post: NewspaperWood / Paper Folding Art / Woven Details For many years, paper waste has been a significant issue in many sectors and workplaces. Up to 70% of a company’s waste may be made

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