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Illumination Through Leather

Related Post: MYLO Mushroom Leather / Leather Gradient / 3D Leather A notable and elegant optional accessory introduced for the Bentayga EWB is the Bentley Diamond Illumination. The illumination effect is achieved using LEDs (12


Related Post: Wood Veneer Craftsmanship / Carved 3D Wood Quilting / Kumiko Woodwork Technique Vine’s basic and pure forms exemplify Forust’s printing technologies’ core capabilities of producing attractive, one-of-a-kind goods. The collection gives any home

Circular No Waste 100% Bio-based Plastics

Related Post: Regenerated Nylon ECONYL® / Recycled Plastic by Ecobirdy / Sulapac® Biodegradable Material CRAFTING PLASTICS! STUDIO have brought a 100 percent bio-based and 100 percent biodegradable material combination to life. Plastics pervade every aspect

Glass Waste

Related Post: Wood Embedded in Resin / Transparency with Ombre Effect / Holographic Finish Basis Rho is a high-grade architectural material that was conceived by Jeschkelanger, an artist duo specializing in glass, its use of

Graphic Textile Weaving

Related Posts: Rugs From Silicone Cord / Translucent Concrete / Liquid Form Non Woven Material Lily Alcaraz & Léa Berlier in collaboration create various creative partnership between other design studios. Designers specialize in graphic weaving

Burnt and Discarded Cork

Related Post: Spider Silk / Cork Redesigned / Bogwood Designer Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance has used discarded burnt cork to create a furniture collection featuring sinuous forms and a gradient of textures. Discarded burnt cork is transformed

Woven Bark

Related Posts: Rugs From Silicone Cord / Translucent Concrete / Liquid Form Non Woven Material The first test of how to incorporate bark manufacturing techniques into design applications is the woven bark jacket. It also


Related Post:  3D Woolen Felt / Deconstructed Felt By Patcraft BAUX Acoustic Felt is a next generation textile, made out of up cycled textile offcuts combined with a low melt polyester

Knitted Glass / Soft Silica

Related Post: High Definition 3D Design / 3D Printed Titanium / Woven Details Sarah Roseman has discovered a new and innovative way to shape fiberglass into a unique collection of decorative vessels. Traditionally used as

Bio-Based Polymers

Related Post: 3D Printed Metal Space Fabric / High Definition 3D Printing / 3D Printed Aluminum At first glance, an electric car company and an artist may not have much in common. One produces on

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