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Blending technology and living materials is an age-old science fiction idea. So is replacing the mechanical with the biological.

Bcomp’s powerRibs™and their ampliTex™ technologies turned natural fibers into lightweight interior panels for future production models within the polestar range. The composite utilizes flax and reduce the overall weight of 50% and some 80% loss in plastic content compared to traditional interior panels. The composite is stronger and lighter than traditional plastics used in car interiors.

ampliTex™ made from woven flax fibres. When used in the interior of a car, for example, it reduces both vibrations and overall weight, while acting as a visual layer. The fibres are processed mechanically as opposed to chemically, and flax itself is much less taxing on soil than other crops.

powerRibs™ also made from flax. Inspired by the vein structures of leaves, they form a 3D structure on the back of a panel which drastically increases the panel’s strength and stiffness. This allows the panel itself to be thinner than if it were made of a more traditional material, cutting down both weight and material amount. It reduces vibrations by a whopping 250%. It can even behave better in a crash situation when compared with more conventional materials.

Natural Fibre Composite Bcomp Polestar
Natural Fibre Composite Bcomp Polestar
Natural Fibre Composite Bcomp Polestar
Natural Fibre Composite Bcomp Polestar

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