Low Carbon Construction Material

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A prototype white brick created by Local Works Studio using construction waste was intended to be used as the outer walls of a new addition to the Design Museum Gent in Belgium. Together with TRANS architectuur and project architects Carmody Groarke in the UK, they created a low-carbon material and fabrication strategy that made it possible to create an easy-to-use, clean method for on-site and urban production while significantly lowering material movements. The Design Museum development has been granted permission to utilize the “Gent Waste Brick for DING,” a material that underwent additional research and testing conducted by BC Materials in Belgium.

Crushed concrete and glass, which make up 63% of the brick’s recycled municipal garbage, come from the city of Gent. Since the bricks aren’t burnt, they can carbonate naturally in the atmosphere, which uses less energy than producing fired bricks. Over a 60-year life cycle, a Gent Waste Brick has 1/3 of the embodied carbon of a conventional Belgian clay brick. The Design Museum Gent will be built with 107 tonnes less CO2 emissions thanks to the use of Gent Waste Bricks rather than standard Belgian clay bricks.

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