Upcycled Meltingpot Table

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This firm was established in 2009 by Dirk van der Kooij in the Eindhoven Design Academy basement. His central hypothesis seemed straightforward: is plastic a reliable, long-lasting material? It could, as demonstrated by the six pizza ovens that were fused together. Recycled plastic wrinkled and contracted as it cooled outside of a mold, creating the Elephant Skin series that followed, evoking a rich, living tactility. At last, the ultimate copycat had established a unique identity.

Prototypes made of recycled plastic and color tests from the Kooij studio are given a second chance at life by the Meltingpot table. Every day, our in-house colorist uses limited, valuable resources to create a table. Because of this, every item is a unique result of the interaction of chance, material, and intuition. The tables, which were pressed from studio prototypes and color testing, are entirely solid and have patterns covering the top, edges, and underside. Each Meltingpot design features an original combination of hues and textures. This evolution showcasing genuine hand-made aesthetics is influenced by the appeal of artisanal techniques and natural palettes.

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