Temperature Regulating Textile

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Global temperatures will climb in the upcoming years. This implies that throughout the summer, we need more and more on cooling devices. This curtain functions as a self-contained, electricity-free heating and cooling system in contrast to traditional gadgets.Phase-changing material is used to print on the fabric. When the micro-encapsulated PCM transitions from a solid to a liquid state, it absorbs heat above 25°C. The heat that has been absorbed is released as the room temperature falls once more. It provides a warming effect in the winter and a cooling effect in the summer. Warm air first appears at the window (heating from solar radiation / weak places in the insulation). 

A curtain printed with PCM is designed to absorb heat and release it when needed. It has a cooling effect in summer because the curtain directly extracts heat from the incoming air. At the same time, it has a warming effect in winter. The curtain absorbs the warmth of the sun and the heater, releasing it to the room during the night. This turns the curtain into a self maintaining cooling/warming system.

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