11 Dec 2000N Pressed Shoe In4nite II

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2000N Pressed Shoe In4nite II

Techniques: Different techniques that are applied in the manufacturing of car interiors: moulding, tufting, laminating, finishing techniques of car mats
Material: Colback® PB120, Tufting yarns, Transfer film, EVA foam
Workplace collaboration: Low & Bonar LAB, Berco car carpets, Zwartz laminating

2000N Pressed Shoe In4nite II

Having researched the materials that comprise car upholstery, Joris shifted his focus towards the moulding of the material. In the research and development center of Low & Bonar, A linear pattern is applied in this moulding process, to monitor the ways in which the material behaves when it is formed. Inspired by this process, Joris appropriated the technology in a new way by converting it to form shoes. During this process, he explored the tufted Colback® material by playing with the linear patterns; the details and inconsistencies that emerged constitute the aesthetic character of his collection. These reveal the techniques as well as the materials behind the design.

2000N Pressed Shoe In4nite II

From the tufted and moulded material of the body and the carpeting, to the finishing procedures of car mats that round off the edges of the design, the diverse range of techniques that are applied in the manufacturing of car interiors come together in this collection of shoes.

photos by: Krisvan Gendt / Studio Collector