3D Printed Wood by Columbia University

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3D Printed Wood Columbia University

Columbia University researchers used destructive tomographic imaging to capture extremely-thin slices of olive wood cut by a CNC. In total, 230 images were taken and sent to a Stratasys J750 PolyJet printer, which is capable of printing objects using voxels. Engineers were then able to print a resin block mimicking the unique grain pattern of olive wood.

3D Printed Wood Columbia University

The final printed object closely resembles the original wooden block both in its external appearance and in its internal color pattern, as confirmed when the block is cut or broken. The presented workflow can be employed in the digital replication of objects with complex internal patterns that have thus far been impossible to manufacture.
-Fabian Stute, Joni Mici, Lewis Chamberlain and Hod Lipson 

3D Printed Wood Columbia University

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