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Fiat 500 La Prima

It is electric and therefore sustainable, and even the choice of colors was inspired by nature and its basic elements.

La Prima is available in three colors: Mineral Grey (metallic), reminiscent of the earth, Ocean Green (pearlescent), which represents the sea, Celestial Blue (three-layer), as a homage to the sky.

Some trim levels also have seats made using “Seaqual” yarn, derived from plastic recovered from the sea, while others make considerable use of eco-leather on dashboard and seats.

Geneva Motor Show Automotive Color Trim Trends

500 Giorgio Armani
Using laser technology, Armani wished to shape the metal covering of the car’s bodywork (and eventually etching it) with exclusive micro chevron engraving, bringing it as close as possible to the three dimensions of a fabric.

The seats are upholstered in certified full-grain natural leather, sourced from Poltrona Frau, in a “greyge” color with microchevron wool bands, sculptural dashboard insert, covered with reconstituted open-pore wood embellished with thin layers of aluminum inlay.

Geneva Motor Show Automotive Color Trim Trends
Geneva Motor Show Automotive Color Trim Trends

500 Kartell
The exterior features a “monoblock color” concept where the different types of materials – metal, glass, rubber, plastic and fabric – are interpreted in the same color: Kartell blue, derived from Yves Klein blue, a universally recognized color iconic of the brand. The surfaces of the bodywork are mirror-effect Kartell blue, mirror effect obtained with an environmentally friendly chrome paint. The two brands’ logos stand out from the bodywork thanks to treatment with a sandblasted polycarbonate, to convey a sense of depth.

Geneva Motor Show Automotive Color Trim Trends

The tactile textile plastics used in the interior are 100% recycled polypropylene, just like the chairs from the latest Kartell collection. The fabrics take on a natural, cozy look, in fully recycled polyester. A unique design inspired by the pattern of Kartell’s Kabuki lamp, created and developed by the designer Ferruccio Laviani.
The Kabuki pattern remains the protagonist in the interiors, with a polycarbonate cover on the dashboard insert and textile welding.

Geneva Motor Show Automotive Color Trim Trends

Bvlgari’s One-off is a homage to craftsmanship and beauty. The One-off features a saffron-colored pearlescent paint.
This effect is enhanced by a nuance in the paint produced by expert manual technique. The “saffron” paint emphasizes the character of the car as a “jewel”, based on the inclusion of gold powder, recovered from the scraps of jewelry production. dashboard fascia is upholstered with heritage Bvlgari silk scarves. The seats are in teal leather with “Diva” pattern embroidery, gold details and scarf inserts.

Geneva Motor Show Automotive Color Trim Trends
Geneva Motor Show Automotive Color Trim Trends

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