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Post Consumer Textile Waste

Related Post: NewspaperWood / Paper Folding Art / Woven Details The Studio Sarmite has developed with Riga Technical University a non-woven material made of post-consumer textile waste otherwise bound for incineration. Thanks to a unique

Paper Recycling Waste

Related Post: NewspaperWood / Paper Folding Art / Woven Details Designer Tim Teven has developed a process for making furniture and building blocks using the waste separated from paper fibre during the recycling process. Paper

Recycled Batik Carpets

Related Post: Parley x Corona / Ecobirdy / Regenerated Nylon Econyl® From Aquafil Vlisco Recycled Carpets is the result of substantial material study Simone Post conducted on the leftover fabrics from Vlisco, a high-end wax-printed

Callum Designs CMF Sustainability Case Study

Related Post: Peugeot Onyx Concept / Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept / Lexus LS The interior of your future car may contain coffee, eggs, walnuts, rice, and lentils just as frequently as your shopping basket.  Beyond

Made From Waste

Related Post: NewspaperWood / Paper Folding Art / Woven Details Ecological grief is a growing response to experienced and anticipated loss caused by environmental destruction or climate change. There is comfort and hope to be


Related Post: Wood Veneer Craftsmanship / Carved 3D Wood Quilting / Kumiko Woodwork Technique ForestBank™️ by Yuma Kano isn’t simply lumber, but a material design that looks to find the variety of value in entire

Paper Waste Clay

Related Post: NewspaperWood / Paper Folding Art / Woven Details For many years, paper waste has been a significant issue in many sectors and workplaces. Up to 70% of a company’s waste may be made

Dead Sea Salt

Related Post: Tactile Volcanic Rock / Maison & Objet / Concrete Israeli designer Erez Nevi Pana use salt from the dead sea and other saltwater bodies as a sustainable construction material for buildings.He treats the

Structural Skin

Related Post: MYLO Mushroom Leather / Leather Gradient / 3D Leather Structural Skin is a self-produced material made out of leftovers and offcuts from the leather industry. This project does not start from an interest


Related Post: Regenerated Nylon ECONYL® / Recycled Plastic by Ecobirdy / Sulapac® Biodegradable Material Mycelium insulation is made of the vegetative filament root structure of mushrooms. Mycelium consumes organic and synthetic waste to grow into

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