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Material Focus – Aluminum Finish Northern Engraving

Industrial architectural structures drive new focus on simple, repeated geometric and dimensional weaves. Subtle halftones and texture combine with layers of brushing creating visual and tactile relief. Three dimensional finishes

Michelin’s 3D Printed Tire

Michelin 3D Printed Rubber Tire is made of rubber compounds derived from organic, recyclable materials. The resin, for instance, is made from orange zest instead of petroleum. Michelin also cited

PPG 2016 Global Exterior Color Popularity

PPG Automotive Color Palette for 2020 Models Inspired by nature, interior and industrial design, fashion, society, international auto shows and new pigment technology, PPG’s “Kulture” collection for 2020 automotive models

PANTONE Inspiration and Color Matching App

Save Save Introducing Pantone Studio – Transform your inspiration in a connected studio work space all in the language of Pantone Explore a universe of color – Subscribe and enjoy

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