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Digital Surrealism / Hyper-Surrealism

Related Posts: High Definition 3D Printing Design / 3D Liquid Marble / Michelin’s 3D Printed Tire Liquids magically transforming into solids, bubbles that never pop or gravity-defying objects. Digital surrealism

DS Aero Sport Lounge Concept

Related Post:  MINI Designs One-Off Car /  Lexus LS Color and Trim Innovations / Peugeot e-Legend Concept DS is turning humble straw into a luxury decorative art. The rye grass

Thermoformed Leather

Related Post: MYLO Mushroom Leather / Leather Gradient / 3D Leather SKIN – From waste to wonder. Haute couture leather wastes reused and thermoformed into desired shape.Process is simple: leather

Kvadrat & Doshi Levien Collaboration

Similar Posts: Textile in Product Design / Gradient Textiles / Soft Tactile Audio Technologies Doshi Levien has created two contrasting textiles for danish brand Kvadrat – an opaque upholstery fabric

3D Printing with Plastic Waste

Related Post: 3D Printed Metal Space Fabric / High Definition 3D Printing / 3D Printed Aluminum Print Yor City! explores the concept of applying 3D printing to plastic waste, as

Hand – Dyed Sand

Related Post:  Wood Veneer Craftsmanship /  Carved 3D Wood Quilting /  Kumiko Woodwork Technique New York based artist Fernando Mastrangelo used natural materials in his

Jacquard by Google

Related Post:  Tactile Volcanic Rock with Kvadrat Textile / Nike Flyprint 3D Printed Textile / Soft Tactile Audio Technologies For a few years now, Google has been working on Jacquard:


Related Post: Tactile Volcanic Rock with Kvadrat Textile / Nike Flyprint 3D Printed Textile / Soft Tactile Audio Technologies The LeBron XVII from Nike combines

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