The Vitra Color and Material Library

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Vitra Color Material Library Vitra Color Material Library

About the book:
The book “I Don’t Have A Favourite Colour” tells the story of Jongerius’s decade of experiments for Vitra in her own words. Drawing on the writing of Michel-Eugène Chevreul, Johannes Itten and other historic colour theorists, her weaving experiments on a tiny wooden loom in her Berlin studio and projects by twentieth century designers like Jean Prouvé and Verner Panton that she found in the Vitra Design Museum archive, Jongerius describes how her understanding of colour and materials has evolved during the process of compiling the library and developing new hues, fabrics and finishes for Vitra.

About the author:
Alice Rawsthorn writes about design in the International New York Times, which syndicates her articles worldwide. She is also a columnist for Frieze magazine and an author, whose latest book, the critically acclaimed “Hello World: Where Design Meets Life”, explores design’s influence on our lives: past, present and future.

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