Stitched Wood Quilting

31 Oct Stitched Wood Quilting

Chester is a project which was developed in cooperation by Oya-Meryem Yanik and Anastasiya Koshcheeva. The two designers live and work in Berlin and have come together in their experimental approach. This turned out in a series of prototypes with different variations. As a result, the cover material for Chester has taken its beginning.

Chester is a material innovation which puts the topic of molded word into a whole new perspective. As a result of a wide research a surface material has been developed which is held together with seams in an ecological way without using glue. It is not only adorning but also cushioning and can be used either independently or in conjunction with plywood. Thanks to its design and composition it offers flexibility and high stability. That’s why it can be used not only in the furniture industry but also in other areas such as transportation, architecture or any lightweight applications. The developed material will be produced according to individual notion of color and pattern, cut to size and can be processed forming or flat. It opens up new possibilities for the conventional production of molding wood and sets the properties of the veneers in a new context.

Stitched Wood Quilting

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