Copper Patination Iron Oxidation

Landscape of Oxidation is a collection of Jesmonite products whose surfaces have evolved over time. Influenced by the philosophy and aesthetic of Kintsugi, and embracing the inherently unstable processes of copper patination and iron oxidation, each object, every one a unique cast, pauses and captures the beauty of a fleeting moment of deterioration.

Jesmonite is a water-based acrylic resin, which gives a satin, marble like finish.

Mixing Jesmonite with glass, copper, brass and iron powders achieve different patterns and textures. Through experimentation the studio developed a wide range of patina that appear due to process, which uses different chemical formulas for a certain period of time.

The collection is based on the process rather than the result. By combining casting material of Jesmonite together with metal powders, the studio creates a range of decorative pieces that change over the time. Depending on varying levels of humidity and chemical substances they gradually develop various colors and patterns forming patina. It reflects collective memory of the objects and the tasks it has performed. Due to this natural process, every item although cast in the same mold, is completely unique with landscape- like markings.

Copper Patination Iron Oxidation automotive color trim

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