Spider Silk – Nature Based High Performance Synthetic Fiber

10 Jan Spider Silk – Nature Based High Performance Synthetic Fiber

Spider Silk Nature Based High Performance Synthetic FiberOne perfect example for that is spider silk – nature based high performance synthetic fiber a material with tremendous properties.

Extremely tough
A spider web made of pencil-thick spider silk fiber can catch a fully loaded Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 with a weight of 380 tons.

Extremely light weight
A product constructed with Biosteel® yarn can be reduced in weight by up to 30 % in comparison to products made from common fibers.

Extremely skin-friendly
Spider silk is anti-allergen, highly breathable and performs a perfect moisture management. It was already used in ancient times for dressings and bandages.

Truly sustainable
Spider silk is bio-compatible, vegan and 100% biodegradable.

Spider Silk Nature Based High Performance Synthetic Fiber

The adidas Futurecraft Biofabric prototype shoe features an upper made from 100% Biosteel® fiber, a nature – based and completely biodegradable high-performance fiber, developed by the German biotech company AMSilk.
The material offers a unique combination of properties that are crucial in performance, such as being 15% lighter in weight than conventional synthetic fibers as having the potential to be the strongest fully natural material available.
In addition, Biosteel® fiber also provides a far more sustainable offering, with it being 100% biodegradable in a fully natural process.
This continues adidas’ journey of sustainable innovation – from a starting point of virgin plastics, to recycled plastics, to its partnership with Parley for the Oceans and now a totally new frontier of investing in solutions that leverage science and nature as an integral part of innovation.
The shoe was unveiled at the renowned Biofabricate Conference in New York as adidas and AMSilk announce a partnership that will explore the use of Biosteel® fiber in performance products on a larger scale.


  • Powerful all nature designed high performance fiber like no other natural fiber
  • Soft & smooth fiber with outstanding skin sensation
  • 100 % vegan and biodegradable


  • Next generation 100 % nature-based finishing which improves performance and also delivers silky touch, smoothness and moisture management
  • Enriching average surfaces and fabrics to protect against bacterial growth and delivering improved skin fascination as well as high breathability and thus supporting wellbeing and healthiness

AMSilk has been producing bulk material on a large industrial scale since 2014. Focus has always been on reliable technology and constant results.

The unique performance of BIOSTEEL fiber offer a wide scale of capabilities. The most natural and intelligent ingredient for high performance application like:

  • Apparel: High Performance Active Sports Apparel which outperforms natural fiber based products
  • Footwear: Ultimate Active Sports Footwear which enhances speed and endurance
  • Automotive: Premium interieur application with outstanding features
  • Home + Interieur: New generation of furniture design
  • Technical Textiles: Wide range of unique capabilities applied with Workwear
  • Medical Textiles: Improved every day comfort, recovery and well-being








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