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Phantom Syntopia Rolls-Royce / Iris Van Herpen

Related Post: “The Gallery” by Rolls-Royce Phantom The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Group created a unique Liquid Noir paint to provide the gorgeous, shimmering exterior. When viewed from different angles, its iridescent quality

Structural Skin

Related Post: MYLO Mushroom Leather / Leather Gradient / 3D Leather Structural Skin is a self-produced material made out of leftovers and offcuts from the leather industry. This project does not start from an interest

Coiled Leather Technique

Related Post: MYLO Mushroom Leather / Leather Gradient / 3D Leather Junsu Kim uses vegetable leather that is tanned by sunlight and polished by rubbing its surface. Artist wanted to apply this raw and natural aesthetic

3D Leather Panel / Bentley Flying Spur

Related Post: MYLO Mushroom Leather / Leather Gradient / 3D Leather New standards for contemporary craftsmanship, including the use of a brand new concept in the automotive industry: Textured leather upholstery, crafted in three dimensions

3D Leather Trim

These customized pieces allow texture and pattern to complement exquisitely embossed, engraved, inlaid and sculpted leather wall panels and coverings.

Leather Made Out Of Leaves

Related Post: Tactile Volcanic Rock with Kvadrat Textile / Nike Flyprint 3D Printed Textile / Soft Tactile Audio Technologies Autumn is world’s first collection of products created with leather made

LOEWE – Woven Leather

Related Post: MYLO Mushroom Leather / Leather Gradient / 3D Leather “Bamboo basketry for me is an expression of detailed precision. These baskets represent a search for the beauty and

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