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23 Apr Palm Leather Rugs by Tjeerd Veenhoven

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Palm Leather Rugs Tjeerd Veenhoven

What it is
Palmleather is made by dipping the dry and brittle leave from the Arecae Betel Nut into a biological softening solution we’ve designed in 2011. After a few days the material turns permanently soft and flexible and shows great aesthetic quality. The material can be processed on conventional machines.

Replacing leather
The entire Palmleather project was instigated as a cheap plant based replacement for animal leather, plastic and rubber. These materials are sustainable nightmares and hit even harder in the poorer regions of the world.

Palm Leather Rugs Tjeerd Veenhoven

Utilizing waste streams
Waste does not exist. But in general food-production brings large volumes of waste, pre-consumption and after consumption. Before returning to the natural compost cycle the Areca Betel Nut leaves can be upgraded to become more useful. Key is not to pollute this waste material when upgraded.

Natural material upgrade
Natural fibers are under appreciated and have (to) little value. Increasing there versatility and functionality greatly contributes to natural fibers becoming used more frequent again. By upgrading natural fibers used in craft sustainable change can be a bottom up process.

Palm Leather Rugs Tjeerd Veenhoven

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