Smart Optical Fiber Textiles 

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The subject of smart textiles and wearable technology is expanding as a result of the development of novel textile structures that can interact with their surroundings. The widespread incorporation of functional elements like microcontrollers and conductive yarns will pose new difficulties for waste management. The potential of synthesized cellulose as a light-transmitting material for the development of bio-based smart textiles is studied by Sofía Guridi. The resultant light actuators and textile sensors were subjected to quantitative analysis to gather information about their behavior, and qualitative data was obtained through the use of subjective assessment techniques.

Do textiles contain memories inherent in them? While steins, smells, and wrinkles are indicators of their lives and demonstrate their relationship with the body and environment, visual and tactile codes convey stories. Thus, these signs make it possible to reflect on the past. This installation investigates the process of converting memories into a new light base language by coding and decoding them into a soft substance.

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