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23 Jul 3D Printed Shoe Midsoles

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The FashionLab by Dassault Systèmes has been collaborating with ECCO Innovation Lab on a 3D print footwear project.

A combination of scan and sensor data builds a unique digital footprint. In only 30 seconds, 3D scanners determine your orthotic fit. Wearable sensors build an accurate representation of how you move in your environment. Get to know the quantified you.

Bio-mechanical data is interpreted to create a custom midsole. Your configuration is generated using machine learning and structural simulations. The result is an augmented pattern, quantified by you.

A midsole is the functional heart of the shoe. It plays a key role in the performance and comfort of your footwear. Two years of research has proven that replacing the standard PU midsoles with 3D printed silicone can tune its inherent properties; viscoelasticity, durability and temperature stability. Within a few hours, your customised midsoles will be ready to go with your selected ECCO shoes.

3D Printed Shoe Midsoles
3D Printed Shoe Midsoles
3D Printed Shoe Midsoles

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25 Jun Color Stained Wood by Jo Nagasaka

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