3D Printed Circular Orange Peel Lamp

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The Ohmie is a 100% organic and compostable lamp made from Sicilian orange peel by Milan-based Krill Design. The design firm employs 3D printing to create lightweight lamps out of dried, ground-up, food industry waste peels that have been combined with natural biopolymers. The organically shaped item smells like oranges and has a texture that is close to actual orange peel.

The transformation process.

It is divided into four stages: dried orange, which we refer to as “Pastazzo,” followed by “micronization,” which turns the Pastazzo into orange powder. Orange granules, also referred to as “pellets,” are produced from the micronized orange after it has undergone a compounding process. The pellets are heated and then put into an extruder, where we get the filament for 3D printing.

The pellets are made from plant-based organic waste, such as cereal, fruit, and vegetable waste. They must include waste that contains fibers, carbohydrates, sugars, cellulose, or lignin. 

The operation is run in a “zero waste” manner, meaning that none of the waste produced is left over, so if a piece doesn’t work, its shred and repurposed into new materials. Products can either be recycled, or even better, returned for reuse. 

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