MarinaTex – Fish Skin Plastic Alternative

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The material is made using 100% organic materials. The main components are sourced from the sea. This includes agar from red algae and proteins from fish processing waste. In the UK alone, 172,702 tonnes of fish waste is produced annually from land based processing.

Unlike land-based binders, red algae does not need any fresh water, fertile land or fertilisers to grow. This versatile plant can grow all over the world and is naturally carbon positive.

MarinaTex Fish Skin Plastic Alternative

Plastic is a common term we use for polymers that behave plasticly when subjected to deformation. MarinaTex is not a plastic, it is a new material that will behave differently to plastic in production and manufacturing. In the applications shown, MarinaTex has similar functionality and appearance to plastics, making it an attractive home compostable alternative. Using fish waste is renewable when fished sustainably. MarinaTex works only with processing plants that are part of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition.

MarinaTex Fish Skin Plastic Alternative

The circular economy is an economic model that is restorative and regenerative by design. It aims to design out waste and maximise the resources we have. Currently the model is linear: we take from the earth, make with it, then dispose of it. The circular economy aims to close these loops. The natural world does this very well. If we think about how a tree wastes its leaves- those leaves then decompose and the nutrients is then re-absorbed into the tree so it can further it’s growth.

The circular economy is a future proof economic model. There is a tendency, especially in business, to lean towards short term gains often at the expense of the environment. The circular economy provides a framework that bridges the gap between behaviours, business and our planet.

MarinaTex Fish Skin Plastic Alternative

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