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ANIMAL ETHICS: Completely free of animal products / No glue, binders or dyes are tested on animals / Habitat conscious production 

HUMAN ETHICS: Materials are made in 3rd party ethics verified facilities / Shoes assembled in unionized or 3rd party verified facilities / No production in factories not eligible for Fair Trade Certification 

ECOLOGY: No PVC, plasticizers or plastic grade PU / Made with recycled materials and organic waste / Repairable or recyclable at end of life

Kind Leather™ Nicora Automotive Color Trim Trends

WATER SAVINGS:   Our materials and methods save an average of 33,750 gallons of water per pair. 

FOSSIL FUELS:  Each pair reduces fossil fuel usage by 7.74 gallons and our materials are made in a solar powered factory. 

ENERGY USAGE:  Each pair reduces energy usage by 11,0558 kwt hours. In perspective, this is the amount of energy required to make one traditional pair of leather shoes. It’s also the same amount of energy required to power an average suburban home for a year.

PACKING MATERIALS: We reduce and reuse where possible. This is why we only have a shipper box and not an inside box. Also, every component of our packing material is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.  

SOLAR POWER:  Materials factories are heavily dependent on fossil fuels and power to operate. Our materials makers use a mix of clean energy and solar energy, eliminating nearly all of the energy costs to produce from the process. They have also received awards for being greener than other materials factories and they are located in the USA under strict EPA guidelines. 

Kind Leather™ Nicora Automotive Color Trim Trends
Kind Leather™ Nicora Automotive Color Trim Trends

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