Augmented Wood

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The notion of “shy tech” is embodied by the sleek, translucent, and touch-sensitive wood panel known as SLIM. It improves and alters interactive user experiences in a constantly growing digital environment. Woodoo wood enables motion detection and light beam interaction to activate controls in the realm of electronic and home automation applications. Woodoo wood is 23 times more rigid than concrete wood and has stronger fire resistance, making it almost inflammable. It also turns translucent and rot-proof at this point. 

Due to its stability, it is feasible to create very thin walls that can be utilized for capacitive or resistive touch controls similar to those found on our smartphones. It is very thin and allows light to pass through. Its optical properties also make it suitable for use in light panels. Wood is 475 times less energy-intensive than aluminum, 130 times less energy-intensive than steel, and 17 times less energy-intensive than glass.While 1 m3 of Woodoo wood will instead trap 650 kilos of CO2, 1 m3 of concrete will emit nearly 900 kilograms.

In order to maintain French forests by regular replanting, wood use optimization, etc. the function that these “green lungs” play in the balance of the climate, Woodoo has prioritized the use of these “low constitution” woods. Resilient and adaptive forestry cleans our air, protects biodiversity, and heals the planet and our relationship with it.

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