Tag: Technology

Fluting Texture

The Fluting process enables imagery to be drawn in the surface by alternating the angle of the corrugation in cardboard material.

3D Printed Titanium Brake Caliper

Related Post: 3D Printed Tire / High Definition 3D Printing Design /3D Leather and Quilted Panels The new calipers are meant to combine minimum weight with maximum stiffness, but Bugatti

Soft Tactile Audio Technologies

Today, companies like Google and Microsoft are more concerned with making people feel comfortable around their technology, which suddenly could be found on a bedside table and in the kitchen.

PANTONE Inspiration and Color Matching App

Save Save Introducing Pantone Studio – Transform your inspiration in a connected studio work space all in the language of Pantone Explore a universe of color – Subscribe and enjoy

Structural Ornament

Structural ornament is generated by a purpose-made software that takes into account the shape of a desired object, loads and pressures therein and adds a component of chance so that

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