Marble Inlays / Terrazzo by Matteo Leorato

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Matteo Leorato’s work focuses on the desire to develop objects in balance between harmony and curiosity: clear and balanced proportions, animated by a tension capable of recalling other forms, or functions. To these elements is added, as a key aspect of contemporary design, interaction with people.

Nowadays industrial production methods allow the supply of slabs cut from blocks or the creation of characteristic small tiles made from different sizes and shapes. The second method is the one used in Rialto, it is the only way to allow personalized design and precision on a large scale.The Rialto series is composed of water-jet cut marble inserts in various materials in calm balanced colours such as bardiglio, pearl pink, carrara white, and Sardinian “breccia”.

Design of three settings to show several transformations and materials which the company is able to work with. Furnitures made in terrazzo black and white + a series of tiles made with terrazzo moulding production. Materials: marble, cement, natural stone. Made of marble and resin grit, Loggia is now available in different color finishing and it will be soon available in different shades and sizes.

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