Color and Trim Factory

06 Dec Interweaving Plastic Strips and Tubes with Geometric and Faceted Shapes

plastic strips tubes automotive trim design
plastic strips tubes automotive trim design

The plastic strips and tubes are made of thermoplastic polymer threads in various colors, available in bright shades to monochrome.
The thread is supple and round. Their elasticity and hollow cross-section allow them to collapse and deform when pulled, they form tight and stable knots.
Renault CAPTUR Concept Car: The Interior of CAPTUR is designed to be both welcoming and occupant-friendly.
The stretched cords are laid out in a way that allows the items to be secured, thus providing a re-configurable storage area. The supple elasticity of the structure provides an entirely new type of comfort, a new form of seating akin to a hammock.



08 Nov Concrete – Sensitive Balance of Artistry and Technology

Save KAZA Concrete is an innovation focused fine-concrete design and manufacture company.  Kaza Concrete showcases sensitive balance of artistry and technology. This fresh concept and manufacturing space encompasses smart concrete architectural and design element creations which elevate the material from its industrial origins. The focus of our activity...

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