Color and Trim Factory

18 Dec BMW Vision iNEXT

Related Post: DS X E-Tense Concept / Peugeot e-Legend Concept / Geneva Motor Show / Color and Trim Trends The BMW Vision iNEXT can be a place of relaxation, interaction, entertainment or concentration – the possibilities are as manifold as the occupants’ needs. Accordingly, the cabin...

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11 Dec 2000N Pressed Shoe In4nite II

Related Post: Recycled Material by Pentatonic / Allbirds – Sustainable Shoes / Parley x Corona – Eco Innovative Materials Techniques: Different techniques that are applied in the manufacturing of car interiors: moulding, tufting, laminating, finishing techniques of car mats Material: Colback® PB120, Tufting yarns, Transfer film, EVA...

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