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24 Sep Indigo – Organic Banana and Tree Fibers

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The acoustic panels are made of 100 percent organic bananas and mulberry fibres, dyed with indigo plants, and framed with bent bamboos. In order to create a biological closed loop, all materials are treated to be non-toxic and biodegradable.

The design is a homage to Taiwan’s cultural heritage that has become apparent in everyday objects. Typical local patterns, traditions and customs are translated into sound-absorbing panels made of 100 percent organic banana and mulberry fibers. The indigo plant gives the panels their blue color. Bamboo forms the simple framing that turns the structure into a featherweight.

Indigo Organic Banana Tree Fibers
Indigo Organic Banana Tree Fibers
Indigo Organic Banana Tree Fibers

10 Sep Coffee Waste by Atticus Durnell

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27 Aug Art of Indigo Dyeing

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