30 Jul Stone Mirror

Related Post: Tactile Volcanic Rock / Maison & Objet / Concrete [cnt-hide] The new mirror series consists of a silver nitrate solution is poured onto the surface of stone-studded glass and allowed to drift not quite to the edges, creating a reflective halo effect. In a hydra-headed...

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02 Jul Denim Fibers – Towards a New Matter

Related Post: Recycled Plastic by Ecobirdy / Speckled Effect from Reclaimed Materials / Sustainable Ocean Materials [cnt-hide] Towards a New Matter is a material-based research project, in which denim fibers have been transformed through a recycling technique into a lightweight and sound absorbing panel material. This biodegradable...

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25 Jun Color Stained Wood by Jo Nagasaka

Related Post: Wood Veneer Craftsmanship / Carved 3D Wood Quilting / Kumiko Woodwork Technique [cnt-hide] ColoRing is made by applying three colorpaint layers like strata on an uneven wood surface treated by Udukuri method, the traditional Japanese woodcraft technique; then the undulated paint surface is sanded until...

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